A world without Elephants is not one for me

A world without Elephants is not one for me

Can you imagine a world without Elephants

A world without lions and leopards

Amazing animals that leave us in awe

Beautiful birds that sing while they soar

Are all in decline as their habitat recedes

And through climate change that dome people refuse to believe

I am not sure I want go live in a world

Where magnificent creatures and species nk longer appear

Rhino’s and gorilla’s in danger of going extinct

Along with fruit bats and bees

But the poachers and hunters dont care about this

All they care about is the money

And Corporate big business does n I t care about this

Fracking and polluting its all about the money

So what can we do when the governments back destroyers

Make our voices heard and be mindful when spending or voting

Show how you care more about species over money

Show them how you think compassionately.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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