Crazy policies

Crazy policies

Catastrophic policies like cutting down rain forests for cattle breeding, beef us not even good for you and me forms the basis of heart disease and obesity, it also represents mako nds greed, farm bovines intensively while causing other species to go extinct, invading and destroying habitats of species natural to that region and climate but now there’s no more forests there just vast areas of cattle farmed for beef, imagine if we all went vegan those poor bovines would also go extinct for there would be no profit in them.

Crazy, stupid, greedy policies, cutting down a ll the trees that aid us to breathe and sustain many vita l species for palm oil which also firms a basis for greed and meanwhile for your chocolate delight orangutans are killed day and night or deprived of their habitat in the name of corporate greed and on it goes but we can stop it, with the way we spend our money and vote, tell them we want sustainable policies that see the resurgence of forestry, Indonesia and Brazil won’t change because there is no will for they profit profitably from following crazy policies but if we demanded governments globally to offer more to save and replant trees they will do this in a heartbeat as it will help their economies for that’s their focus because their countries aren’t as wealthy, as those others exploiting them and their countries, making the poor cut down trees to help the wealthier farmers fill the pockets of big businesses and governments but we can stop this if we make a stand, say fuck money and cherish the land and make our voices heard so we can vocalise our demands for change.

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