Meat means murder

Meat means murder raised to be slaughtered, factory farmed to sate our needs and greeds, maybe its ksrma that its not good for us, giving us all kinds of heart and bowel diseases, paying us back for feeding on other species omnivores as we are means we can survive without meat and there is much more goodness in vegetables and fruit you see, packed with nutrients and vitamins that fight off disease and keeps us from being obese and jeeps us healthy when your diet is balanced and excludes meat, because meat means murder on a genocidal scale, raised as food for our tables hardly seem fair to me, injected with growth hormones that can hurt human beings, given feed the spawns scrapie and mad cow disease, because there is harmful stuff in their feed but in truth it’s us who are mad, us that are crazy killing domesticated animals on which to feed on in the form of kebabs burgers and hot dogs, dished up as bacon and sausage all of which have an appeal, yet I know none of this is good for you and me, we all need to try going meat free, for meat means murders and the blood is on the hands of you and me.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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