A message from mother

A message from mother

I cry rivers of tears

And they are polluted

By miniscule microplastics

I feel the pain and the rage of despair

As I feel in my heart the cutting and burning

As if I were suddenly just like a tree

I feel the anquish and hopelessness deep within

As if I were the one on the precipice of extinction

I gasp as I feel I am suffocating in air

Like every breath is full of toxins

I look for a shard it a spark of light

That gives me some glimmer of hope

Will you be that and create that and help Mr off my knees

And bring me back from the brink

And love and nurture me for the mother I am

For this is nature speaking and I feel so damned

By the callousness, brutality and thd lack of caring from man

I given you everything and do not understand

Why you treat me this way, you have blood on your hands

For the terrible destruction you’ve wrough

Is there nothing from life u ouve been taught

That shows you how we are inextricably linked

And if you destroy me then mankind will have naught

And you’ll all begone too in a blink.

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