New stories

In cooperation with others

Of like minded thinking and dreams

We write new stories

Yes, we can change the world and society

No more need for exploration and greed

Rather an upsurge in equality

No more hate and mindless violence

Just love and peace setting us free

When we decide on collaboration and adopt spiritual unity

We will the become transcended writing and creating new stories.

5 thoughts on “New stories

  1. Love this poem, Faux! I always loved the idea of different people from different walks of life coming together and learning so much from each other, at least in a positive way. We all may have our differences when it comes to beliefs and culture, but we are all united in being human beings and life is happening to all of us. What greater reason to come together than that?

    Really appreciate these words, my friend! Hope you are well and that the day is being kind to you! 🙂

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      1. You are so very welcome, Faux! I always love reading your words. Always something inspiring and thought provoking to take home.
        I’m so happy life is good and all is well for you! I was going to say if it wasn’t, I could always stick a fork in Life’s eye… though that wouldn’t be nice, would it? Lol.

        I’m doing just awesome on my end of the world! Thank you!! 🙂

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