Free mind


Chains manacle

Ropes they bind

Walk through life

With closed eyes

Walk in darkness

And in shadow

Walk alone on a futile path

Walk a tightrope

Be headed like sheep

Question nothing

Be told what to believe

Be what others create in you

Not authentic able to choose

Ignore synchronicity

And consciousness

Mock awakening and being blessed

Let inspiration die in your head

Let every thought die of loneliness

Just settle for second best

That’s not for me

For love, peace and liberty I breathe

No for me the life of a sheep

Not for me your chains that manacle me

Not for me those ropes that bind me

I write, live and decide my on own dreams

That’s because I set my mind free

And stand outside this broken society

I question everything

And decided the light is where I wish to be

Sharing it with furtile company

And growing in spiritual enlightening.

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  1. Forced we are by the society. Don’t do this, don’t do that. A lot of commotion in head. We don’t have our own choices. Hope the writing awakens people to let a person choose what she wants. Nice one.

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