Abortion is not mens buisness


Should men have a say on abortion?

Of course they fucking shouldnt

It’s not their bodies so they don’t have the right

So they don’t have the right to decide

And if a woman is raped or been abused

They must have the rich ht to choose

If they find they’re pregnant

Whether to abort or have it

Don’t get me wrong I am not keen on abortion

But I won’t interfere with a woman’s right

I won’t be the one who forces them

To go through a terrible ordeal again

Of having a baby as a victim of rape or abuse

Men don’t have a say and thats the truth

It’s men that are the rapists and the abusers

Why not absorb and do

Something about men’s predatory ways

Instead of threatening to lock doctors and women away

For ninety years of suffering each day

In a jail so they won’t see the light of day again

Meanwhile the predators enjoy power, wealth and fame

You see them in the media getting away

With crimes against the female race

So don’t try judging women in any way

And keep abortions allowable and legal today

For the right to make their choices their way.

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