I want to watch

I want to watch

I want to sse you kissed

Watch as your touched

I want to see you making love

I want to see your squirm

See you writhe

Hear your moans

Listen to your sighs

And look into your eyes

As you peark hard

So many times

I want to see you owned

Watch your body come alive

She you being seduced

And then in pleasure used

Don’t get confused

It’s not because I dont love you

It’s because I do

That I long to see you

In all your glory

Acting out a true lust story

Just based on the physical

Doing all that is so pleasurable

Letting yourself go

Breaking out the mundane routine

That’s often why we’re miserable

I want to inject excitement

Back into our love life

And to watch you heavy breathe

As he picks up the speed

And lifts you up

To an or gas smic relief

Is music and bliss to me

Watching you wild and free

In your passion and your lust

I see you enjoying

Everything he does to you

His touch his kiss

I wanto to see you submit

After trying to resist

Then embracing and loving it

Is this something you could do

And let me see in your wildest dreams

Watch you as you show me

Just how amazing you can be

When your body is set free.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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