The core principles of living


Find inspiration in everything

In the words you speak and write

And in the lyrics you sing

Find aspiration within life

Seek love, find peace

Within universal light

And walk the path

Of balance and right

And always try to be kind

Even to others who seek to try

To mess with your mind

Find gratitude in all you recieve

Appreciate the miracle

That as pawned you and me

And our wonderful nature

That gives us everything

Fertile soil and deep blue seas

To the previous air that we breathe

There is gratitude to be shown

In every single thing

That gives us the right

To be existing and living

So when others do us wrong

Don’t hold back on forgiving

And forgive ourselves

For all our misgivings

Inspiration, appreciation, gratitude

Should be inbred in living

Life should not be all about taking

It should be about giving.

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