Doing the right thing


Oh my word I see what’s right

Recognise this who wish to diminish my light

I see those squaring up for a fight

Already they are rehearsing their lies

Trying to smear my reputation and damage my name

And as ll because I wish to bring about change

I proffer that not doing do will rain down shame

If we don’t do something then wrongs won’t go away

Like racism and climate change

Like exploitation of our planet in the greedy corporates name

And people trafficking will be here to stay

But people seem to be lost in the divisive game

In taking sides but both sides are the same

And it’s only ever us that suffers and feels the pain

Which is why we need to reboot the system and gain

Create societies that care and love for each day

Eradicating, corruption, hate and climate change

Manifesting a life and a better world so we can say

To future generations everything will be ok

Instead leaving them a future that is dark and grey.

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