When I was younger I made a stand


I remember when I was young

And full of life and made a stand

Against all I saw was wrong

Like vivisection and nuclear bombs

I fought for animal rights

And stood for CND in demonstrations

We stood up gor what was right

We made a stand against corruption

So I am so glad to see those following on

Making a stand against climate change

But I think we néed to see the change I believe that is needed today

A whole society change reexamine all that we do today

Like promoting peace over war

This should be at our very core

And encouraging love over hate

And all of those who divide us each day

And nurture nature to ensure

We somehow reverse or stop climate change

I’d of done this when I was young

And I still do this today except older in age

Now it’s time for today’s youth to do the same

Pile the pressure on each day

Demand and force about change

Using direct action a intellect to highlight the shame

Of those who create sand steer society in this misguided way

It’s time to stand and be brave

Reboot out society and its ways.

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