Unlock secrecies with critical thinking


Of course I think outside the box

Trying always to unlock

The secrets and mechanisation of society

And those controlling you and me,

Conspiracy theorist is what they see

But critics l believing is more defining

Read what I write and you’ll soon believe

I am not constricted my normality

And as o some call me nuts,, weird and crazy

I am not offended because you see maybe

The truth will one day come to pass

Where what I write won’t be so taken to task

But actually seen as wise and visionary

But I am to modest and humble honestly

To ever think people in future centuries

Will ever be clamouring to read me

But if I can make others think critically

Then maybe I would have achieved

Just what I set out to do

Bring about more awakening

From their constant sleepwalking

Of mind control the system attempts to instill in us

From parents, teachers who we all trust

But truth is they’re victims too

We are slaves to thd establishment in truth

But with the right mindset and critical thinking

We can break out and set ourselves free

When we question everything we see and read

We are then on the right road to uncovering the secrecies

Hidden from us and society

By those in control driven by greed

And even if we can change anything

At least we will will know they don’t fool you and me

And we can live life existentially

Beinv in the end our own authority

Living outside of their mind controlled society

Which will cause us to feel feel and a lot more happy

About life.

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  1. If asking questions and seeking the truth means “nuts,, weird and crazy”, as you put it… Then I’m insane and I’ll be in the padded room next to you. 😉 There’s nothing crazy at all about wanting to dig deeper and question the commonly accepted norms of society. That branching out in thought can lead to some fascinating discoveries about life. Always admire your strength to stand up and speak the truth, Faux.

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