Unrequited love


Buried are our passions

Subterranean are our dreams

Cavernous is our inspiration

That is driven by my love you

This is how it is in truth

I adore and always need you

But I have to keep it too myself

For you’re already taken

So I live for a love

That is futile and foresaken

But I still love you

For you are my muse

Don’t let that be confused

Though I cannot have you

And my days maybe forever blue

I still and will always love you

I can’t deny this truth

Everything that’s good in me

Is inspired by you

These are things you never knew

So I have to settle for being friends with you.

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  1. This is a feeling so hard to deal with. I think bottled up love hurts worse than releasing it and knowing it won’t be reciprocated. We have to live with this secret, while the other person has no idea. Really heartfelt and beautifully written poem, Faux. This is relatable.

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