Midnight hour


It’s the midnight hour

And it’s dark and lonely

Thinking of you hurts

And all it does is makes me feel so cold

I ponder upon what it was we had

And how we seem to have let it drift away

Which is sad to say, in so many ways

Now in someone’s else’s bed and arm you lay

But I am not jealous, just regretting we drifted away

Leaving me lonely in the dark

Of this midnight hour which I find stretches out for so long

Postponing the up and coming day

Where I manage to salvage some happiness someway

And gives me hope that the future won’t be so grey

Though you’re always on my mind

Thinkinking of you in that bed that you lay

People ask why do you torment yourself this way

They don’t realise I hope you’re happy in everyway

Satisfied in with the love he gives you

Sated by what he does in the throes of passion

I just hope you’re getting satisfaction with him

In the same way you always did with me

For in this midnight hour I dream

That one day we will both be happy too.

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