The morning after the night before


She came home

In the early morning gloam

Just before the dawn

In her high heels

He tight short skirt and top

With a big smile upon her face

She had been to a lust filled state

And was feeling very sexy and great

Satisfied in so many debauched ways.

Reaching home

She took out her keys and opened up the door

Saw her husband sitting there all alone

He smiled asked how her night was and she smiled even more

Told him about a great it was and that there were hot stories to be told

And he was happy that she was so bold

Took her hand too hold

Asked her to tell her all about her night

And if she enjoyed moments of delight

She said they blew her mind

And if he had some time to share

They could go upstairs

And she would paint a picture to make him aware

Of all the things his hotwife dared

In the throes of passion to do without a care

He so wanted her to share

So he followed her upstairs

And saw her legs were bare

And she wore no underwear

And she was so hot

To him she truly does have the lot

And that he was so happy with his lot

Now it was time to give her all he’d got

In the early dawn where new fantasies would be born.

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