The sound of trumpets and bells that toll for us

The sound of trumpets and bells that toll for us

The trumpet is being readied

For the sounding that will cease humanity

The final bell is being prepared to toll

My words maybe vatic but change is always an option

We can be more perspicacious in our choice of leaders

Seek visionaries instead of the heartless and greedy

Seek the state of Buddha nature over monkey mind

To become more balanced and tolerant

To strive for peace instead of war

To diminish the darkness being shing our inner light

To manifest spiritual goodness and understanding

All change starts with us you see

Us in existential individuality

Struggling with all of life’s dualities

Forcing back extremist mentality

Promoting more connectivity to bri g about unity

To halt the divisive hatefilled toxic policies

Now spreading globally out of ignorance and stupidity

Posited by monsters in corporate suits

Who are wealthy, smug and aloof

Who live in grandeur and luxury

Filtering down suffering on all the meek and small

Yet unite as one big family

We can transcend their self gratifying ways

On which they increase their wealth from our sweat

They worry not for future generations

So we must take the lead encouraging the youth

To stand up and speak inspirationally

To act like heroes do bravely

Against those who frack, mine and cut down trees

Who Pollute and discarded plastic into the seas

So blatantly and so callously because they lack empathy

I speak of hope yet I do not seek to fear monger

But if we choose to remain passive then our days are numbered

Every voice add to an environmental chorus

Save this earth and all its species

No matter how great or small like God we should show love to all

Share this earth, knock down the wall

Embrace and love each other and harken to the call

Change can grow from seeds so small

For us to reap after being sown

With our eyes and minds wide open

Awareness and awakening is ready to land

And explode and expand across all lands

So that maybe one day we will all join hands

And refuse to go into extinction quietly

But rouse ourselves passionately

So that we may grow still and survive

And detach ourselves from the apocalyptic ride

For we are not lemmings, we are sentient intelligent women and men

Let’s evolve rather than descend into a climate change end

That will no longer see mankind walk this earth again.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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