The perfect night

The perfect night

Tonight I savoured good food

When we went out for dinner

We laughed a bit and it was relaxed

It felt so nice for the pair of us

And I took you home and though the night seemed complete

We share a momentary intense kiss

A connection in the heat of this

A sweet love thst felt like bliss

You asked me in for coffee

I thought of being a gentleman and declining

But I saw the need within your eyes and my heart it was pounding

The coffee was great as too the company

Of this there was no mistake

I leant in close and kissed you again

And felt you melting into this

I said I think it is time for bed

And you did not disagree or hesitate

I will awake in the morning

To see your smiling face

I will awake in the morning in a bed in your place

And we will share the scent of each other

After a night of tender love making

This is the perfect moment and the most perfect way to be waking

With the memory of shared bodies

And how we both reached our peak

In a moment of muffled moans

Anx you stifling a lustful scream

I will go yo work and so will you

And nobody will ever know

Just why it is we both glow

When we wake up tomorrow.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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