Beware and become aware


Beware of the manipulaters

The abusers and the users

Drip feeding indoctrination

Through the iv drip of the Internet

The subliminal messages

From the broadcasters

And the full on assault of the tabloid press

From your parents to the teachers at school

And the politic and and religious leaders

That lie constantly to me and you

Question everything and independently think

This life is yours so choose to live it

On your own terms and beliefs

That come from your original conscious thoughts

Don’t just buy in to all you are taught

Discover all you can for yourself

Using the power of your intellect

Looking within and deciding what’s best

Don’t just simply follow the rest

Be unique and individual

Accept your flawed but that were all equal

Find we isdom in love

And happiness in peace

Be who and what you’ve always wanted to be

And leave your mark on our society

That inspires future generations

To fight to be free and achieve your dreams

Through the passion of that which you believe

That the universe guides us along with synchronicity

So unite my friends as one humanity

And reject our present societies

And cress te a new one based on love and peace

Which is the key to our spirtual release

And the the cornerstone of breaking out of all suffering

Raising us up to higher frequencies of living

All this can be a result of questioning

That will finally help us all begin evolving

Into far better sentient beings

Of which we can be proud to leave as our legacy for our kids.

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