Keep my head down and my mouth shut


Keep your head down

Don’t make a sound

Go to work and pay the bills

Get home and watch tv

Go to bed do it all again

This is a life of the insane

This is a life that numbs the brain

It’s hard to keep going this way

Very early mornings

Working hard each day

Hard to find inspiration coming this way

Creativity drains, even though I crave

To put words on paper

More challenging in every way

Shedding more love

Shedding more light

Trying to improve the way I write

Not academic so it’s a fight

So I rely on some foresight

And trying to expand my knowledge of life

While working from morning to night

Trying to create a future so bright

If I keep going and one day I just might

Hit the right note, or create the perfect write.

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