A conscious manifestation of love


I manifested conscious dreams

And you became my reality

I reached and sought you

And my universal wishes came through

Like a moment lost in time

We both danced along to the cosmic rhyme

We lost our self within this space and time

We were waltzing amongst the stars

Searching for each other wide and far

Both twin flames that’s what we are

We were love as well as light

Lighting up the heavens in the night

We are beautiful in motion

We are a frequency commotion

Lights are flashing the music is loud

Yet we never heard a single sound

Lost in each other, lost in love

We could never be more than enough

Lost in the kisses, lost to the touch

We are perfect, we are flawed

But we passion and emotional

Lost in all of these amazing dreams

I created you subconsciously

And because of this you’re now my reality

And we will love each other for all eternity.

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