Foul bane


Fetid skin

And rotting flesh

Bodies smeared

In their own blood

Rancid smell

And legions of hell

Abroad they are

Within the fell

Of long forgotten

Forest Kingdom

Where within nature

Lays deep corruption

Forest folk

Go about their days

Unaware of this foul bane

Not realising every day

How their kingdom

Has began to change

Low lying feelings

If jealousy and hate

Creeps in insidiously

In every way

Greed has become

The number one aim

Peace and tranquility

Is fading away

The beauty of their forest

Is turning grey

As people cut and clear away

The trees that have served them well

Given them a safe place to dwell

But now cutting and burning

Is all they crave

They’re losing love and losing faith

All the goodness is making way

For darker and more fearful beings

Who was it to rise from beyond their graves

And as an evil legion

They attack and slay

The people of the forest glad e

And those who survive

Become these demons slaves

And live under the rule

Of this dark and foul bane

Changing their Kingdom

For forever and always.

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