A new inspiration to be had


She sat chewing on her pen

Writers block setting in

Sh heard a knock at the door

If felt a good time to be distributed

It was her husbands old friend

And he had just hit town

She invited him in and he sat down

She made him a drink which he then downed

Explaining he was mighty thirsty

He looked dishevelled and a little dirty

But she saw his tanned muscles through his shirt

Suddenly she yearned to touch him so much it hurt

He saw that twinkle in her eye

And asked her how she was spending her time

She explained she had been writing but that she had hit a writers block

And he said he knew a cure for that

By Discovering new experiences

She agreed that thinking kind of fits

He gazed at her in her tight jeans

And a shirt close to busting

He stood up and he looked closely at her

Then he ripped opne her shirt.

He body started trembling

She gasped and started heavy breathing

Her chest rise up and down

As she felt her heart pound

He undid the button on her jeans

And slipping down he slipped his hand within.

He smiled at her ruefully

This a moment for him to ease

A lot of pent up frustration

And she looked so hot he was pleased.

She took of his shirt now

Touched his chest and then looked down

Undid his jeans and was suprised with what she found

Something so big she gulped down

Finally a chance to fulfill a dream

And quash the lie that size meant nothing.

His hand was doing all the work

He took it out and removed her jeans first

He took her up to her bedroom

And after a short while of hard love

She was hitting peaks she never knew

Yes, she was writhing calling out and moaning

Normally a writers life was lonely

But as he used and abused her body

All that she could think was wanting more

And he obliged more than anyone had before

He had opened up in her new doors

And they went for it all day

Before he left leaving her a quivering shaking waste.

After a while she hit the laptop

Wrote the story of this non stop loving

And the words and emotions flowed

Wrote about how within her his seed was sown

Then her husband then arrived home

Asked her about her day

She showed him what she had written

Went red and felt a little bit ashamed

But he smiled and said you had a great time

And he was sad that he had missed his friend

But had given something good to remember

And he was sure he’d come round again

Because she was so beautiful and wild

And so hot and though defiled

He still loved her madly

Said he wanted to take her so badly

He ripped her vest top off

She gasped but did not want him to stop

And he said let’s get these yoga pants off

Because as yet I don’t think you’ve had enough

And he wasn’t wrong

And this story she was writing

Was now going to go on and on.

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