Evolution or extinction


We are on the precipice
Of self extinction and the right to exist
Can we transcend and stat evolving
In to humans capable of solving
The climate change issues in front of us
Times running out and we can’t trust luck
To help us avoid our shameful end
We have to start seeing the truth and start thinking
About no longer polluting and exploiting our earth
No more fracking, searching dirty fuels for all we are worth
The futures in in tar and sand, vial or in oil
But renewable green enenergy and nurturing the soil
Showing respect to nature and all its species
Evolution means understanding where we fit into things
Not tampering with nature and getting wrong
Not polluting, and extorting to keep our greed flowing along
Evolution of mankind we desperately need
But still we keep living ignorantly
To few trying to make a difference cleaning up land, sky and seas
To many to lost in materialistic need
The plutocrats font care nor the coprorate types
They only have monetary gain within their sight
So it’s down to the people to force about change
To rise up and evolve beyond our current state
And root ourselves within the environment
And become the new wave of sentient humans
Who are capable of adapting and seeing the dangers
Not ignorant arrogant humans locked in self imposed cages
Of self absorbed, egotistical greedy beings
Blind and incapable of ever truly seeing
How to transcend step up and evolve
Climate change is a vital ptoblem
That needs to be solved.

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