A life that stinks


Just great

I did it again

I made some noise

In an environment

Where its excessive

And I get the looks

The tuts and frown

Which is code

For turn your noise down

They need to concentrate

That’s what they say

Yet they constantly

Have you tube on each day

With jibberish shit

But I say nothing

And put up with it

But just one sqeak from me

And I am the cause of everything

Crashing down you see

I am the destroyer of silence

In a world of noise it seems

This kind of madness

Drives me really crazy

God forbid I should breathe

I am told I snore noisily

Like I do it on purpose

Though obviously

I can’t hear a thing

But I am doing it cinsciously

At least that’s what I am told

I have no right of reply

In an environment

Where I am controlled

So I just give up

And stop give a fuck

Because when whatever you do

Doesn’t matter

Because it all comes down on you

You just stop even caring

What others think

If this is my life

Then I think it just really stinks.

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