Brain control


Riding on a serotonin high

Is better than drowning in a sea of cortisol lows

Feeling our other neurotransmitters kick in

Glutamate, dopamine, acetylcholine,

GABA and Endorphins

Taking us to happy euphoric states

Is better and sliding into depressive states

But this is how the brain works

It can heal but it can also hurt

That why we have to master control

Through meditation we can solve

Many of our anxieties that plague us

Many of the negativities which are t oxic and dangerous

To our whole bring and our lives

Positivity is the path of light

But yoj can’t walk it unless you master self control

And balance your brain between

Serotonin and cortisol

This is the only way you will know yourself

And hrlp improve your whole mental health.

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