Truth hidden by society


Shit in the bath

Piss in a bucket

A life that screams

I don’t care, fuck it

Mental health issues

And self destructive dreams

I entered the rooms

Of a fly ridden scene

Wow! I think

Hiw did I get this job

Clearing the debris

Of some poor sod

A victim of society

So much for care in the community

I am here to clean and clear

Erase this shit stained smear

Of a life of suffering

A life of the pure tormented

Spiritually lost and demented

Wow! The stink

It gets in your senses

As all the excrement is fermented

This is the bitter reality of life

Something which society hides

Once I’ve left and its cleared and clean

The place will be refurbished into a tenancy dream

But it won’t solve those who fall between

The cracks of a twisted society

That cares to little and caused this obscene scene

And I am the poor bastard who steps into to clear and clean

Then disappears into the background anonymously.

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