Warrior, punk, Goddess, Queen.

Warrior, punk, Goddess, Queen.

She went down

Down to the city

Where life ain’t pretty,

To see if she could find within herself

In the mire of poverty where there was no wealth

Down in the city within all the slums

She had power and she was strong

And lifted the spirits of the downtrodden

Inspiring the minds of the list and forgotten

A Warrior Queen, a punk Goddess

Tattered tight jeans and torn t-shirts

Was how she was dressed

A pierced lip she was beautiful too see

Both with and externally

She had the power and she had the strength

Was willing to to any lengths

To help other more unfortunate folk

She saw life as serious not as a joke

Totally amazing in this scene

What can I say she is a real warrior punk Queen

Admired by many and now back again

She is now bigging up the game

An ethereal spirit who I adore

A voice of wonder hitting every chord

She is the inspirational dream

This how she seems to me

As she went down

Down to the city

Where life ain’t pretty

To be the salvation

If the poor and downtrodden

She, the voice of the list poor and forgotten

The warrior punk, Goddess, Queen

She the beautiful inspiring dream of the slum scene.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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