Midnight lullaby


Lullaby at the stroke of midnight

In our soul that luminescent light

In our hearts the fire keeps on burning

And as we sleep we dream of returning

To the love that’s unconditional

Sweet dreams my friends I will see you in the morning

Just when the day is dawning

And the sun rises up above the horizon

I hope you’ll be well rested when you wake

And all our hopes for future days

Will all be one’s of gold

And all the kindness we harbour

Will see us reach our goals

And those in need of whom we touch

Will one day soon be healed

By the love we use on their wounds to anneal

I hope we have the strength to feel

Ready to step up and inspire

Let loose from your heart the fire

And from your soul compassion will reign supreme

So sleep tight my spiritual friends

May all your dreams be enlightened

May they take you too a place of bliss and grace

And of a solitudinous state

And while the night away.

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