Don’t be rude


I know people who present as transgender

Rude people label them benders

How rude they be, these serial offenders

Of discrimination and homophobia you are the vendors

Dishing out judgement

Serving up hurt

You say its simply words

But when used to attack people that’s absurd.

You are the troll on the Internet

You’d never say this shit live and direct

Keyboard warrior at the best

Sitting at your pc in string pants and vest

Ripping up morals and ethics which I detest

A life of darkness and toxicity one day you’ll regret

But me I am on my own quest

To be kind to those who are not beset

By hate, envy and jealousy

This is what makes people discriminatory

Vexed with a curse of negativity

Hexed by the trait of inferiority

I don’t percieve others by sex

Masculine, feminine alliance is how we’re set

With male and female genes

Created to be living neutrally

And not obsess over gender themes

We are all. Kings as well as Queens

Your words and vibes are obscene

But I percieve the fear in your beliefs

I don’t need to be an ignorant walnnabe

I’ll live and let live compassionately

Living life spreading love, tolerance and equality

Then reap the rewards of a fairer society

Where nobody is disrespecting anybody.

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  1. Such powerful words! These people are keyboard warriors in their best! This was so well mentioned!
    To this day, I struggle to understand why humans are so against change and differences? It all seems absurd to me.

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