Cogs in natures chain


Elegance flows

Within a red rose

Flagrance is known

Where the philadelphus grows

All these things make life glow

Beauty in nature is always sown

From seeds that are nurtured

So are disease free

Just in the same way as humanity

So why and where does it all go wrong

Why is it that we keep going on

Down the path of seperation

From nature and ecology

We lack understanding and the eyes too see

We are part of a ecological sytem

That if followed well keeps all life from extinction

Levels up mankind to new forms of distinction

All we have to do is fit into our roles

Be a cog in the chain of nature and flow

Steer ourselves away from the woes

And suffering that we’ve known

To many chances and opportunities blown

Let’s make a new promise to protect our home

Because in the end, we’ve no. Other place to go.

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