Lightening thoughts


I saw the flashing of the lightening across the night sky

Heard the distant rumble of thunder and I can’t lie

Ominously I felt it was a sign of our times

Then the rain and hailstones fell and my trepidation climbed

To new levels, playing tricks within my mind

And this is all created by design

Within my deep subconsciousness

Where we are often blind

To rational thought and reality

Our fear binds us in chains

And stops us from being free

As nature demonstrates how much more powerful it is

We cower and tremble in our self created hells

We are the victims of our own wild imaginations

It’s just that we can’t tell

For we never learn to train our wild and out of control minds

And believe it is our friend

But its not and just like an untrained dog it will bite you in the end

So take a closer look at self

Are see that you are just a shepard and your thoughts are your sheep to tend.

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