Stand up for Tibet



A must watch.

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  1. Faux, it is sad and heartbreaking that this kind of oppression still occurs in the world today. The freedom we take for granted needs to be spread around to EVERY corner of the world. I admire your commitment in this area.

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      • It’s things like this that make me frustrated wishing I had more money, more time, and more resources to actually make a difference. I don’t know a lot about the politics there, nor why our U.S. troops can’t just go in there and save them and make the changes in the regime there. I’m sadly ignorant here. 😦

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      • People power is a greater one. Keeping wrong highlighted, not buying their goods hurts them especially if you can encourage others to do the same. Raise awareness where ever possible. Shine a light for Tibet so that all can see the crimes committed there.

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