Hard to understand


Grief is an emotion rooted in me

Something that I cannot set free

Grief for loss of parents and my baby

If I let grief go then I will be empty

It’s all I have left along with the pain

Though it doesn’t seem right it’s kind of insane

To hold on to something that causes me hurt

Leting go and feeling empty would feel worse

It’s hard to understand if you’ve never been there

And it’s something only others who are can share

The grief I suffer I will take to my grave

Yet I get through life day by day

With a smile and a laugh as well as positive thoughts

But sometimes my thoughts get caught

And I find a need to stop and pause

To remember what I’ve lost and though the damage it wrought

Maybe tough and maybe harsh

May cause some moments to be dark

I have to live my life as homage to them

In hope that existence makes some sense.

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