A thesis on spirituality PT 2



As I have stated, previously, living a lifestyle of spirituality comes without the rules and dogmatic strictures that are present within many of the religions. Many of these religions use fear and sins as a way of gaining their flocks to comply with these strict and largely oppressive religious laws. So, the appeal of spirituality is the appeal of being able to define your own way of living that is not based in fear and sin but far more based in benevolence and love unconditionally for all. Spirituality is far more based around the existential belief in the only authority being your own authority. It therefore, establishes greater freedom for us as individuals but does require people to take responsibility for their actions, along with accountability. Where religions tend to require the devotion to the Gods that they claim to represent, spirituality desires nor asks for that same devotion or worship. Neither does it look for individual supplication in their lives and decisions to these dogmatic religions. Spirituality also does not lay down rules on lifestyle choices in the way that Catholicism does with contraception or that Islam does with dress code and dietary needs. For these areas of life define us as individuals and our freedom to express exactly who we are. The truth is a world that is uniformed in its lifestyles, thoughts and beliefs will cease to develop and push the boundaries of life and the universe in a way that free thinkers, who understand that coming at problems from the same place invariably fails to find the answers required for significant change but rather just shuffles around the problems and papers over that cracks and maintains a failing and crumbling status quo. Much of this is the reason that humanity has failed to transition to much higher levels of transcendence and progress and why some civilisations have even gone backwards or simply stood still.  

As stated previously, spirituality come without rules laws but that does not mean that there are no some basic tenets that we should adopt when looking to live a spiritual lifestyle, these we shall look at as we continue. The most basic of all the tenets is the wish and desire to live a life of goodness through being a good person. A lofty goal some may say but the belief that this is a difficult task or will be a struggle to achieve is a reflection more upon our failing society today and the crumbling system that has been domesticated and indoctrinated into us adopting bad, negative and harmful lifestyles as well as thinking.  

What I shall also try to highlight is that need to look within ourselves and re-educate our own minds about how to live, how to treat ourselves and others but also how we treat our environment and other species around us of which is all part of this experience of being within a state of being that is set up to learn from, to ensure that we achieve the a good life.  

All of this is all good but it is also essential that we learn from within the core values of self-love and self-respect, which we should then look to resonate outwardly in to every experience. This we can develop through living a life of compassion and tolerance, along with inner and outward peace. All these core values for living are capable of being developed through the conscious mind through the reprogramming of our deep rooted sub conscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of us that may desire a change in things, however it is the deep rooted sub conscious mind that ultimately determines whether we actually achieve or accomplishes it. It is the sub conscious mind that is our biggest problem because from birth, this is the part of us that this failing system tampered and indoctrinated within us most. In other words when we were born as blank programmes, parents, teachers, religious leaders and other authoritarian figures installed their previously indoctrinated, limited, restrictive practices within our programming, that also included in the installation self-doubt, selfishness, intolerance, hate greed, lust and more important materialism. Now I am not suggesting we all have installed within us all these traits that I just identified but certainly if we view ourselves internally we can certainly relate to some I am sure. We all have some negative attributes that we can work on as well as flaws. Though do not be disheartened for no one is ever perfect and perfection could be seen as ego driven. Ego being the worse trait within us if not kept in check.  

So understanding that being spiritual is to be free to make lifestyle choices and decisions based around your own wellbeing and consciousness, it is fair to state that these certain tenets should make up the basis for our core values, unconditional love, respect, compassion, and tolerance for all things in this experience, that we know as existing as a human being, that stems from our state of spiritual light and energy that after all is what we are made up of and indeed come from.  

So how do we achieve a living a good life, being a good person. What follows are opinions and suggestions that can help us towards these objectives and goals. Though this sounds very corporate, we could also say how can we achieve these desired aspirational choices. 

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