A thesis on spirituality PT3



This is a good starting point to establish how we are now and what defines us, the flaws, the negativity especially and the domestication that resides within us, that maybe harming us and holding us back, as well as limiting our creativity and potential. As a rule our biggest critic is ourselves but often these perceptions of self are or have been augmented by the perceptions others have of us and informed us of, or have heard by way of rumour. These perceptions others have of us are often completely wrong and merely reflect their own flaws that they wish to impose on us. The reality when we truly look within and study ourselves fully, without the preconceptions we find quite surprisingly a whole different person. The reality is though that we have to be honest with ourselves and ask the big questions like, ‘do i love myself?’, ‘do I feel that I am good enough?’, ‘are the views and opinions I hold my own? Or are they views adopted to fit in to my peer group or family and friends?’. Now the trick is being honest when answering this after thinking and pondering deeply on these questions, because not being honest about the answers is tantamount to lying to yourself and continuing the deception of this illusory self that you have been domesticated into believing and accepting. The truth is your authentic self free of media and educational institutionalised self, free of the religious and political restraints is a being that Stripped back seeks to be loved and to love, to be cared for and to care, to live in peace. The reality is however we have been made to fear and with fear comes mistrust, a lack of tolerance and compassion that leads to hate and xenophobia, and causes divisions amongst people and that inevitably leads to acts of violence, terrorism and even war. We are all responsible for this event though we are ignorant of why. The knowledge however that we gain from finding the true answers within us, the abdication of responsibility will no longer be acceptable, and we will be held accountable for not willing to change our ways for the betterment of life and humanity. This is what many describe as an awakening, a realisation of our authentic conscious self, that ultimately causes us to see the truth in everything. Once this awakening occurs it is almost impossible to no longer remain in this state and if we go with it and build on it we can bring about a transition to transcendence.  

The path and transition to transcend our being relies heavily on our ability to establish at our core the unconditional love for self and all things though. Without learning to grow and build up this aspect of being all else is futile. We need to find ways of eliminating the largely negative thoughts, actions and beliefs if we are to overcome the fear, hate, intolerance and anger that often dominates our lives and creates the destructive ego driven beings that we see plaguing humanity today and which is taking us closer to the brink of our own extinction, while taking all other species with it.  


So what is domestication? It is the trait that  resides in most of us that causes us to act without questioning or thinking. It is also a trait where by we accept all judgements of ourselves passively believing those judgements to be valid because they are put upon us by those who we look up to for guidance. It is also the basis for our self doubt and fears, because when we try doing something different or acting somehow differently, we are told that we are either not worthy or that we are wrong, so we instinctively give up believing we will fail before we even begin. It can manifest in other forms too, through to what we eat, to how we dress and how we act along with what beliefs we hold both religiously and politically.  

So the question is how do we break free from this indoctrination that we have undergone? Well this like all change is difficult and requires hard work, patience and perseverance. The reality is we will try to remember to question everything, we will try to reject that which we instinctively feel is no longer right for us but may fail due to the pressures of those around us who are still slaves to their own domestication and who wish to maintain control over us. So understanding that though we may fail, life is often about practice and you need to keep going until you conquer these failures. Remember failure only truly happens when we don’t try or give up trying.  

So to break our domestication we need to adopt ways of spotting when we automatically do things that restrict us or do not wish these things to define us and that may limit our potential or creativity. Once we have identified these issues we then need to find mechanisms to stop ourselves from doing them. The best way is when people say that what you are doing and the way you do it is wrong or criticise your desire to change your thinking and beliefs or even our lifestyle and dress sense, then this is the time to be strong and to realise that this is their perception and that you are happy with these choices. They will not like this as they realise that you are breaking out of your indoctrinated mould and they will fear losing the control and influence they have held over you in order to manipulate you. Hold firm know that this is in your own best interest. When doing this be mindful of the fact that this will cause upset and anguish.  So be compassionate and kind in how you go about it. Spare others feelings where you can, explain your reasons if that helps and reaffirm your unconditional love and friendship for them. But remain steadfast and strong in your resolve so that they will understand that you are not about to capitulate to their objections or pressure just so they can be happy. You deserve happiness to and that will not happen living your life vicariously through others. 

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