The sad truth


We are sadly are the victims as humans of our own nature

And sadly unless we learn to evolve and transcend our present state

We will sadly become the victims of our self destructive and planetary destructive ways

We are sadly ignorant souls lost in materialistic, money obsessed blundness

Believing nothing can touch us, nothing can harm us

And that those who say different are fear mongering peddles of sensastionalistic nonesense

That believe anything that scientists tell us rather than listening to the experts

Those who hold office as politicians or sit in glass house media offices

These people of great knowledge would not allow the destruction of the environment surely

That would push humanity close to extinction,

Do not believe that, their motivation is greed and not your safety

They will walk us into hell while sitting counting their cash, telling their lies

The truth is not hard to see in the extinction of other species

And in the rate of polar ice cap melt

In the rate of climactic warming

Do humanity and all living things a favour

Do the right and intelligent thing right no my friends heed the fucking warnings.

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  1. Like your message and concern for the environment. I think if the people in authority are not doing much then we should do whatever we can from our end to make our environment beautiful.


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