A thesis on spirituality PT4




Of all things examining in life by people in the pursuit of discovering and understanding life the last place any conceives of looking in truth is the conscious and sub conscious mind. These are though the great creators, programming areas that define our being and exactly who we are. Dr Robert Lanza and his book called Biocentrism goes in to significant details about the conscious reality of mind. Sufficed to say that what is important to know is that the conscious mind works to create the flavour’s we taste, the colours we see, the sounds we hear along with the imagination that fires up our creativity. In a nutshell we are creations of our own conscious minds and that we create everything within it in our own individual and unique way. An easier way to explain this is to describe it as thus, we are the story tellers and authors writing our adventures, creating our own characters and inserting our own plot lines and twists. This however does not go down well with those who do not like the idea of being This responsible for their lives because it underpins that all accountability for it lays solely with us as individuals.  Far easier to blame others and this mythical thing called ‘life’ which they cannot explain. ‘oh, well that’s life’. These kind of throw away lines and rhetoric are designed to dissolve them from the decisions they make, the choices that they decide upon and the problems that they suffer. Through mindfulness and creating an awakened mind we learn that we and only we are what we create, the suffering and the pleasures that come our way on our journey through the human experience. When things go bad or good, as they will, we need to examine exactly what it is that was the cause of it, in the same way we have to do with what made us happy. When we fully understand and have identified the root cause, then we can control who we are and what we do more skilfully and determine the way we wish to live better. In other words when we understand what keeps causing the car we drive to keep veering out of control, then we can learn to fix it and return to driving it much more smoothly which tends to make for a far more pleasant journey. Understand though that like all journey’s though and like all cars unless we pay close attention to them, they can and will go wrong again but armed now with the knowledge gathered you will be better equipped to deal with it. 

Another issue that is associated with the conscious mind Is attachment and addiction. These issues often are part of that root cause for all our suffering.  Many times, you may here people vow to give up something only to fail some weeks later. This is primarily to do with the fact that you often make decisions with the conscious mind but that the sub conscious mind deeper down is where the in bedded programme is stored. To effectively cast-off attachments and addictions the sub conscious mind needs to be reprogrammed. Not the easiest of tasks. As the sub conscious mind is immensely more powerful than the conscious mind. Bruce Linton writes about this in his book the ‘Honeymoon Effect’. In his book Linton spells out the two differences between conscious and sub conscious mind and how to reprogramme the sub conscious mind through different therapies and sleep states. It is true however that some have manage to untangle themselves from attachment and addiction through just will power but it is also true that the numbers based on talking to people you meet are significantly less than those who cannot achieve this. 

So much of life is I believe based around self-belief and the knowledge that we can achieve whatever we need to when focused on it. Many successful people achieved this through that strong and focused mind set while many others just as able and capable failed to reach their potential through that lack of focus and self-belief. Based on this why couldn’t any one replicate such success. Some may say it qualifications, others money, while many suggest luck. While you cannot rule all three out most successful people will tell you that you make your own luck and that money and qualifications played only a small part and would not have hindered them. You cannot underestimate enough the power of steely determination.  Sadly, many who show these traits often lose their love, tolerance and compassion along the way. That is though I accept a generalisation just based on personal belief.  

It is also true that much of our minds is the stuff of those who fed it into us through parenting and education. The fact is that those ideas we have been indoctrinated with close us off to more imaginative thoughts and more creative beliefs. Sadly we live blinkered and always referring back to these narrow minded thoughts. We need to re-educate ourselves and think outside of the box. It is vital to keep an open and receptive mind too all things. Find new ideas, come at problems from vastly different stand points. When we do this amazing thing happen. Einstein is proof of that and stated it clearly many times.  

The biggest problem we struggle with is fear. Fear gets into our minds through so many different ways and by so many different mediums. It can distract, control and cripple all that we do in life. This is why it is said that the greatest fear is fear itself. Fear in the right context can keep you safe But so much of it is irrational and that is the root cause of many issues that we live live. These fears are indoctrinated within us from a young age through your parents who knew no better as they were just doing as done to them, by teachers, by media and by the government who all rely heavily on your compliance so that you are easier to control and rule. The problem is with this is that this stops us from questioning all we understand and can stunt the growth of creativity and individuality within us. The awakened conscious mind flows and flourishes more freely where fear is not present. Fear goes hand in hand with domestication and hinders us from defining ourselves as our true authentic self. We have to re-educate ourselves to understand that questioning all things is good and healthy for us. That critical thinking is vital to the world and self-discovery. When we fully understand the power of the free awakened conscious mind, we discover the whole universe becomes open to us through meditative and spiritual thinking on an almost quantum level. Nothing ever seems the same and more importantly you finally see the narrow strictures of how your life has been and the limitations that we placed upon it. Freeing the mind, frees the soul. 

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