My boo


You lift my heart

Cause my blood to course

Faster through my body

And my soul to sing

You leave my head spinning

As my mind swirls

With imagery of you

And thoughts of love

Occupy all I do

Because I so need you

In my life its true

So much that I can’t help

But lose control

Of all my senses

The love I have for you

Is so immense

That it can’t be contained

And its treating to explode

Like a pyrotechnic show

In such a colourful array

That will dazzle all

And set the universe

Ablaze with our live display

We owe it to each other

The shine the way

Unto a life united

That will live forever and a day

I could never imagine life

Without you with me now

Lets swear a bond of fealty

And share a future

Where Irs just you and me

Living in an everlasting embrace

Of light and love for all infinity

Demonstrating true love in reality

Filling our night with warmth

And our days with sunshine

In every single way

Thats why I love you

So be my forever and always boo

Within a love so true.

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