Urban love thoughts


It’s funny how my love you bust down

And how you put my life on shutdown

Yet I never go at all vexed

I simply waited for what would happen next

And although I knew you were lit

You were prone to losing it

But in my mindfulness I would sit

Allowing you space to get over this

For all thd drama and your stress in life

You took out on me, while busting down everything

Even though I was not the problem

You shutdown our love like it was rotten

But given time you’d want me back

And maybe we will get back on track

So I quell my frustrations

And nullify my vexations

Because you are so dench to me

Through urban words I pledge my duty

To love you in an incandescent blaze

That lights up the night sky

And show you’re the vision of love within my minds eye.

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