A man among cows

A man among cows

Drove down a local lane

That became ristricted

By twenty odd cows

Each one insisted

The roads was theirs

Which may sound twisted

But they were heading for their feed I guess

Or maybe they broke free and were doing their best

The escape the farm life, this was their chance to run free

But then they found a patch of grass and it was oh! so easy

For them to be distracted and start grazing

Forgetting their whole dash for freedom

Maybe as humans we are made the same

Easily distracted by thoughts of wealth and fame

That we forget being inspired enough to set ourselves free

And end up continuing a life of routine and mundanity

We, like them, lose sight of the light

That would guide us to a more rewarding life

But distraction is something that easily sways us

Or maybe its something we j it St don’t want enough .

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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