Face the wall

Face the wall

Face the wall

Don’t turn around

No matter what you hear

Even if it’s frightening sounds

Face the walk

No matter what

Hear the clock

Tick tock, tick tock

It matters not

If it turns cold

Feel life suspended

Times on hold

Hear the whispers

As they echo around

Echo around, echo around

The fear you feel now

Is more profound

But is is real

Or just in your head

Supernatural undead

Or is it your imagination

As it is running away

Dare you turn around

Face the game in play

Trembling you slowly turn

See in the shadowy night

What you must learn

It seems nothing is there

It was in your head

Until a demon

Screams appearing from the darkness

And now you’re dead.

You should not have turned around

Your corpse now lifeless

Lays on the ground

You’re dead, dead, dead.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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