Tears in your eyes


I see the tears in your eyes

And it makes my heart ache inside

I hear the quivering in your voice

And it makes me want to give you the choice

Of love and hope not this despair

That you, these days seem to wear

I want to make you smile again

I wish to offer you shelter from the rain

I want to hold you in my arms

To ease every inch of your pain

I want reignite within you

The positivity so that you can regain

The joy of living each and everyday

You are so beautiful in everyway

I want to help you love again one day

And if your love happens to flow my way

Then I will be blessed

I would be so much more

Rather than the less you got before

I’ll show you how to love and heal

And then how to foget

The pain and the tears

The heartbreak and the fears

For I can’t stand

To see those tears flowing from your eyes

It makes my heart ache inside

It makes me want to try

And heal you, to make you smile

And learn to reconcile

That love never caused your pain

So you can trust and try again

To find the love burning like a flame

Within me for you

My love is true

And I offer it to you

If you chose to love again.

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