Let the games continue no more


The games continue

Just like the harm

To humanity and earth

Yet the left and the right

Continue trying to divide

In their ignorance and arrogance

That miss that the future generations

Are now stepping up, stepping forward

And changing things in this time

Not just waiting until its too late

They’re uniting in strength

They are finding their voices

Defining their choices

Rip up the divisions I say

Rip up the political systems they are archaic

Fuck the left and fuck the right

They are vestiges of worn out failed designs

Discover and invent to ways and new ways

That considers all voices all opinions and faiths

Equality in all things where all are heard

Not like the sheep now following and wallowing in the dirt

Slaves to the master, begging for crumbs from the table

The trickle down theory has been shown to be unable

To support those at the bottom

As rich live in lavish splendour

No more of this for the youth

The future, the defining generations

Shout out loud exhaltation the future is ours

Rip up the political systems

Rip up the religious dogmatic ways

Shine a new light, find a new path

Different from the divisions that hinder us today

Start with climate change

Make your future safe

Then explode in every aspect to ensure

There comes about real change.

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