The acts of heartless games that I descry.


I descry why doves fly

When hearing warmonger lie

Innocent victims of war cry

In the bombed out rubble

I sense the hurt the pain

I see the blotch the stain

Caused those who must accept the blame

No more wars, no way, not in my name

In this there is no critical acclaim

Just atrocious shame

As the innocent simply still just lay

As a result of the war machines games

Disposed, cast out, sent running

Now regarded as immigrants

Their nation now in ruins

These heartless acts make no sense

And the doves cover their eyes unable to see

The genocidal misery

A used by those who claim to be free of deed and speech

But use it to kill and maim in wars

Where innocent people will pay the ferrymans price

Forced out of this life, made to travel to death on the other side

This is the reality that I descry.

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