Molotov drop


A molotov drops

As the cocktail bar rocks

What’s the deal with plastic crocs

Suddenly we notice the riot squad

Amidst this protest love is lost

And as silhouettes dance

In an alleyway of tangential plans

Perspicacity is sought by a child of a different clan

And as the cops plan to kettle

I’ve decided I like tea made of nttle

And as the rubber bullets and tasrrs are readied

Ships seldom set sails on an ocean unsettled

Clash and bangs ring out in the night

People starve in poverty

Yet kids are being to speak nice

Always polite

While the poor die

I hear the sound of a baby’s cry

Something is going down tonight

But skipping through the verdancy of meadows of delight

The rabbit heads off down his hole in flight

And we’re left scratching our heads at the sight

Then down goes the lights

And within this riot

Change becomes the golden prize.

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