It’s crystalline


Sparkling reflections of crystalline

Flickering haphazardly in altered minds

Shudders of aspic leaving bitter tastes

That manifest from hateful words once spake

From those in servitude who never wake

And who live and die leaving no trace

Harsh it may seem to verbalise aloud

But the moment we strive to stand out from the crowd

We free ourselves from the manacles

That tie and bind our physical and spiritual beings

Yet when we seek the divine we existentialise

Our thoughts tangentially we posit frequently to revise

But here’s my theory on living life

Do what feels good and right

No big philosophies are required here

No reason to inspire or instill fear

It’s obvious and so crystalline clear

That if we root ourselves in love we find we become near

To the nearest complete being and soul that we aspire to

And to who we hold dear.

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