Tale of a misfit


I am a misfit

Worse I am an anarchist

Emotionally though strong and stable

But academically unable

But that doesn’t bother me for I prefer being visceral

And I choose to posit a life more temporal

In a perspicacious way I refuse to be ruled

By God’s and Masters or in fact anyone at all

I am an enigma in my ecosystem pool

Weird and strange and some say not normal

Yet in the daylight hours you would be fooled

You would not, if saw me notice me at all

As I am like a chameleon which makes me feel a fraud

But I do t really care how others judge or perceive me overall

I am a product of an uneducated punk rock squall

Who thought that we could change the world

And did in a way so small

But who never gives up or gives in

And that’s why so many people who do not understand me

Are always so appalled

But that’s because they do not grasp or understand, oh lord!

All I seek and want is love peace and equality

Not for just me but for one and all

and a balance between those who live from a life of greed

And those who struggle with life’s poverty

That’s what seems crazy to me

But they point the finger my way

As if saying its me who’s the mad and bad one who has gone astray.

One response »

  1. I’m learning we have to live for ourselves and realize that people will judge whether we conform or not. You are an amazing person, Faux. Let people point and stare. As long as you know who you are, you make it harder for them to tell you who you are. 🙂
    Love this post. Powerful and uplifting words.


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