I need some love


I need some love

I witness to much hate

See so much toxicity

On the social media airwaves

I’ve lost my faith and respect

For humanity

Bullying kids is too wrong to me

Hating is spreading like a disease

Division is stopping unity

I need some love

I need to believe in peace

But people prefer to act violently

People fill their lives with material things

Then find they’re consumed by greed

And when with them you disagree

The react so violently

I need some love

To comfort me

I am so sad with what’s going on in society

Mass shootings but gu s are not to blame

The destruction of our environment seems to be a game

People now know no shame

I am in need of love

To get me through

Just t o believe their is still some good

Just to know there’s still some wjo tell and stand f or truth

I need some love

To comfort me.

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    • Work is my biggest issue to my friend, and when not working, I am struggling not to just sleep all the time. Age thing or maybe just exhaustion. Lots of love and light my awesome and beautiful friend. 🙂

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