Not divided, we must be united


Do we seek a world divided

Or do we want a world united

I see no difference within

The colour of someone skin

I see no difference within

Those who have different beliefs

I see no diffince within

The different language

The other people are speaking

We are all one

One race, one family, one love

This side, that side

They are trying to side me

The truth is those who do this are lying

To drive a wedge within society

To divide the likes of you and me

So we’re easier to rule

And easier to fool

This side, that side

You aren’t going to be siding me

You are not going to force me

Into believing that I should always be

Finding the difference between my fellow human beings

Because we are all one race, one family

And we should all be sharing one

Because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

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  1. It may infuriate you if I were to raise my hand and say anyway.. complete with me, I am no side, I am all sides. The fence that divides the, blade that scrives. Team 3, we stand in the midst of man. Not for them, but with them. To tear the binds ignite battle between earth and the otherkin.

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