Enlightened beings


We try so hard to be enlightened beings

We seek it everywhere external in the world around us

But we don’t see that we are born this way

But somehow we get distracted from this truth along the way

And we learn and become less than we are

When we adopt negative thoughts and actions along our path

We need to stay true to our authentic truth

Those feelings of instinct that you get at right

Deja vu moments show that we’ve been here before

And so if we focus on them, then we can be sure

To learn the lessons that our past lives are passing on

Synchronicity is trying to guide you along

Why you are trying to be something you’re not, youre blocking this

So trust in yourself and seek within

You will see you come from a place and are already enlightened

Spread your love, compassion and kindness

For if we pass out of this life into darkness

We at least would have left our mark on this life

By living it in a way that is both good and right.

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